Recording has started on new disc

Hey folks!

We are very happy to say that the recording has started on our new CD.  The intentions of this CD are a better quality demo than what we have currently recorded – so it’s still not a full length album – but a collection of some of our favourite tunes we play these days at a bit better quality level!   It’s going to be probably 5 or 6 songs long.  Some tracks you have probably heard from us live, some maybe not; some traditional and some originals.  You know how it goes!

We are lovin’ what we hear so far and are very much looking forward to sharing it with ya’ll!

We plan to have it done by mid November (maybe sooner if Dan’s banjo stays in tune), so be on the look out for some kind of CD release shin dig around then-times.

Thanks for checkin’ in.
Dan and Meg


How can you tell if there’s a banjo player at your door?

They can’t find the key, the knocking speeds up, and they don’t know when to come in.



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