Some stuff you should check out!

Hey there!

Just wanted to send ya’ll a heads up on a couple things worth noting!

First of all, the website  This is a new distribution website for independent music that’s doing a lot of cool things;  Fair compensation for music, free distribution, more support for local, up and coming, and independent artists, and supporting positive social initiatives all in one go!
We have some of our tunes for listen and for sale on there, and I think every up and coming musician should look into doing the same.  They even have there own radio application that is being used in cafes all over Kitchener Waterloo (where they are, conveniently for us, based out of), and musicians get SOCAN royalties, too!

On a different note, our friends The Bad BongWater Boys are playing with The Joey Only Outlaw Band from our old stompin’ grounds, Victoria BC, at The Boathouse in Kitchener on November 13th.  I think it’ll be one heck of a time!  Check it out on Facebook.

Cheers, and we’ll talk to ya soon!



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