Recording Done/Release Party in Dec.

Well hey there good people.

We’re happy to announce we just finished up the recording of our new EP, ‘No More Worries,’ this very evening.

What a heck of a time it’s been! Its been a good experience for us, that’s for sure. We’ve learned a few things. Mainly, never trust a banjo…or a banjo player. Especially those ones with mustache’s.

Of course, that’s besides the point. The bottom line is, the actual recording is done done done. We still need to do the mixing and whole reproduction side of it (getting the cases together, etc), but we’ve got the tracks laid downnnnn real nice like. More details on things as they progress!

Here’s another exciting announcement. Since we’re done the dang thing we figured we better have good ol’ fashion house party/show to celebrate. So join us, wont you? Saturday December 11th at the Park House in Waterloo. Check Facebook for the deets.

Talk to you soon!

Daniel Son and Dame McCaffrey


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