Schedule For Winterfolk

Hey there good people!  Long time no post – we know!  We’ve been really busy performing over the last few weeks.  It’s been great.  In other news, the schedule for Winterfolk IX has been posted.  Here is when we are playing:

FRIDAY Feb. 18th.
7:00 PM
Dora Keogh Pub
141 Danforth Ave Toronto
(416) 778-1804

SUNDAY Feb. 20th
8:00 PM
Mambo Lounge
120 Danforth Ave, Toronto
(416) 778-7004

We’re also trying to get a show elsewhere in Toronto on the Saturday of that weekend.  Stay tuned and we hope to see you soon!

Dan and Megan


2 thoughts on “Schedule For Winterfolk

  1. Hi Dan and Megan
    Saw and enjoyed you Friday night at Dora. The EP has been on our cd player constantly and you’ve been introduced to another new fan Diane, my dear companion.
    Quite surprising how much talent there was packed into the four locations on the Danforth over the weekend.
    Got to get back to my Red Rocking Chair.

    • Thanks Max, we appreciate it! It was indeed quite an awesome weekend of music. Thanks for sharing your Thumbing in the Summer Stories as well.

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