Call Out: We’re Booking Our Summer Tour!

Hey there good people, we sure hope all is well!

We have just started booking our second CROSS CANADA SUMMER TOUR.  Woohoo!!  Exciting stuff, that’s for sure.
Last summer, we busked and played gigs all the way from our original home town of Victoria BC – to Montreal QC – and (almost) everywhere in between.   This year, we’re going longer and (hopefully) bigger and better!  So, this is a call out to all you friendly folks we’ve met along the way;  we’re looking for shows!  We certainly love to play house shows, they are probably our favourite!  Also, we love playing small towns! Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions, questions, to book us, to point us in the direction of a booking or some groovy folks, etc.  We totally appreciate it.  Also, we help support touring bands, and are always interested in doing show trades.  We book shows of all types in Kitchener Waterloo ON, and can guide you on shows in a lot of other places in Southwestern Ontario, so make sure to hit us up!  Don’t be shy 🙂

Below is a very rough timelime of our tour.  It is completely subject to change and entirely dependent on what shows we play and where, but may help you help us:

June 10-20 – Eastern Canada: NB, NS, NFL
June 20-30 – Quebec/Central and Northern Ontario (the sort of Ottawa, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay route to Manitoba)
July 1-15  – Lower Manitoba, Saskatchewan (very interested in smaller towns through the prairies!)
July 15-30 –  Perhaps northern/Central Sask into northern/central AB
Aug 1 – ? – AB, interior BC, heading to the Vancouver Island

Thanks for any help or suggestions.  We can be reached at


Dan and Meg


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