Settling into fall, looking ahead to spring!

Heya good people!

We sure hope things are well in your neck of the woods, and that fall is feeling good to you, wherever you may be.  We had a busy, busy summer season, right into September, gigging all over this big country.  It all went out with a bang with a great show to a packed house at Joe’s Garage in Courtenay BC.  We were lucky to share the stage with a really talented bluesy songster, Luke Blu Guthrie.
Following that, we had some great down time in Courtenay (and real beds to sleep in)!  As well as relaxing and working on some some exciting new material, we recorded some video clips over the last few weeks, so we’ll be sure to get those edited and posted in a timely manner!
We’re now temporarily separated by geography and excitedly looking ahead to our future endevours.  In the works is a new album in the Springtime of 2012.  We’re very stoked on the new tunes we’ve been working on and performing the last little while, and are looking forward to getting them laid down.  The album is still in early conception mode, and we are busy securing funding to make it happen sometime before next summer!
The next time you’ll be able to catch us live will be early winter back in Ontario.  We have a bit of a regional tour brewing…once we know more, we’ll be sure to let you know!
That’s about all there is now folks.  Thanks for checking in!

Wishing you a happy fall,

D & M


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