New year, new album!

Hi there folks. Happy new year! We hope your 2015 is off to a solid start. We’re still coming down from a whirlwind adventure over the last few weeks; mainly making a brand new record! We met up in Kitchener, Ontario, to lay a bunch of new material on to one inch tape at the Duke of Erb Recording studio. We recorded almost entirely live off the floor using mainly vintage mics of various tones and assortments. We think this record is going to capture the most true and warm representation of our sound to date. We’re also really stoked on the new tunes, and collaborated on the writing more than ever before. It was an engaging, full-on process. We’re proud of how the material came together and are really looking forward to sharing it with you! Click here to check out a bunch of photos of the sessions on our Facebook Page.

After a wild week or so in the studio, we caught the Via Rail train Number 1 in Toronto to provide on-board entertainment to passengers all the way to Vancouver. The ride was beautiful through the snowy and wild landscape. Frozen and bright. Sublime and humbling. If you ever have a chance to cross the country on the train, we both highly recommend it. We’ve done it a few times now, and it never gets old. We live in a fascinating land full of interesting people and places. It’s a constant source of inspiration.

We arrived back on the super mild and foggy west coast riding high on a wave of seemingly never-ending music and lack of sleep. Just the way we love it.

We’re working hard on getting a summer schedule together that will bring us face to face with as many of you folks as possible. Please stay tuned, check back soon for summer dates, and new music!

Take good care now.

With love,

D & M


Things that are going on

Howdy folks!  We hope everyone had a solid summer.  It’s fall already!

Although the majority of our summer was spent apart due to multiple (some unexpected!) circumstances, we still had the opportunity to play a couple really great shows and work on some great projects.

Us playing at the Westfield Heritage Village near Hamilton, ON. in August, for the Rhythm and Roots traditional music day put on by Mill Race Folk Society.  Photo by Chris Speers.

Us playing at the Westfield Heritage Village near Hamilton, ON. in August, for the Rhythm and Roots traditional music day put on by Mill Race Folk Society. Photo by Chris Speers.

In addition to a few awesome gigs, Dan also had the opportunity to begin working on an album of new solo tunes over the summer.  Click here for more information.

We’re also beginnning to think about embarking on our next recording project.  We’ll certainly keep you in the loop as that begins to materialize.  As always, here is where our previously recorded content lives.

Besides that, we’re (believe it or not) already looking ahead to some sweet opportunities next summer.  In the meantime, we’re hoping to find some chances to folk it up over the winter.  We are currently seperated by vast geography, but that’s never stopped us in the past, so stay tuned and thanks for checking in!

Dan and Meg

Lines Across This Land

Our new album is coming together! It will be called ‘Lines Across This Land’ which is a homage to the significant amount of travelling we’ve done together in the last couple years from coast to coast across this big country, and the different places we’ve lived in, stayed in, and seen. The collection of songs come from this time and these experiences.

We’ve started recording with the talented fellows at The Sound Distilery in Kitchener ON. The boys there are great and recording is a blast so far!

Watch here for a September release date. You can still pre-order your copy to help support it’s creation through our Indie GoGo campaign. Click here to visit the campaign page!

pic by William Muir

Stay tuned for more updates shortly!

Dan and Meg

Some Videos and Winter Plans

Hey good people!

We got some video from when we played at Joe’s Garage in Courtenay BC in the fall.  Check it out!  This one’s called Let’s All Quit Our Jobs (and move to the woods):
You can check out our Youtube channel for more like that.

In other news, we’ve got a couple great gigs lined up for the winter back in Ontario.  We’re looking forward to that!  There will be dates in several southern Ontario cities, so stay posted for those details shortly.